Sunday, October 4, 2009

i don't want to be like alex!

molly loves her uncle alex (I, she calls him) but knows that he's famous for passing gas and therefore, stinks! well, these past two days that molly has been sick she's passed quite a bit of gas herself and is becoming aware of when she does it. after it happens she grabs her diaper and asks to be changed. of course, there's nothing there and when i tell her it's just some gas, she starts to cry and says "no, I" the I of course, for alex! :) this is all very funny to me and so then i have to tell her that everyone has gas, not just molly and alex. this seems to help but only for that particular moment. we repeat with the next passing. so yes, alex, while molly associates you with the passing of gas, she also realizes you play baseball and football and proudly says your name whenever baseball or football is on t.v. you are know for more than your smell!

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