Monday, October 26, 2009


last week we had the privilege of having 3 kittens and their momma visit our backyard. i say we, but am really only referring to molly and me, as matt did not share so much in the joy. i came home from church to find them sunning themselves on our patio chairs. molly and i watched for quite awhile. she enjoyed watching one kitten nurse and liked that it was drinking milk! she also saw the momma cat give it a bath which amused her as well. these kittens were not super tiny, they were well on their way and could most definitely eat solid food but adorable nonetheless! they ventured over to our trash, which was overflowing because we forgot to set it out for the trash man, so i went out to scare them away. most stray cats would run, but these cats were not afraid, in fact, they welcomed the open door and human that approached them and came running up to me. they looked hungry but i knew better than to feed them - i must be obedient to my husband! i did give them some water, though. they looked healthy but i told molly we couldn't touch them because they might be sick.
when matt woke up, molly was anxious to show him and he wasn't too happy because they had indeed torn up the trash. being the good man that he is, went out and cleaned up the trash and set the new trash bag on top of the trash cans (remember, it was too full because we forgot to take it out!) we were getting ready to leave for church that evening and two of the kittens were laying on top of the trash bag all snuggled together. it was a cute picture and well, even matt had to crack a smile. i knew he had a soft spot in his heart for the kittens! then he went as far as naming one - the little black and white one - he called it chip! monday morning he even asked how little chip was doing. hmmm....
chip and panther sleeping on the trash
monday and tuesday night molly and i did play with a little black kitten, panther. oh, matt named that one too! :) (and remember he didn't like them...) she loved it and it humored her to no end. she tried feeding it with her spoon and even threw some nuts for it to chase. the kitten did frustrate her when he was trying to get the nuts she had collected out of her bowl. she's just a little protective of her nuts! since then we haven't seen any sign of the kittens. i'm hoping they've moved on to a safe home where someone will feed them decent food and give them shelter!

molly playing with panther

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