Monday, October 26, 2009

mommy's little helper

i'm so thankful that molly enjoys helping out with housework. it makes it a bit harder, but definitely worth it. i remember growing up hating doing chores - i had a ton everyday - well, it seemed that way when i was younger. however, i do see the value in it - especially after teaching and hearing stories and seeing kids who have zero responsibility at home. their parents clean their room, pack their backpack and essentially let them loaf around the house. maybe it's because they have control issues or have to everything in its place or maybe it is just easier. and while, yes, it might be easier, if they train and teach the child how to do the chores properly, well, it would be easier! :) i hope molly's enthusiasm lasts because whether it does or doesn't, she's stuck with chores as long as she lives in our house! molly has several "chores" including putting away the silverware from the dishwasher. this would be a chore that would be easier for me to do because i have to go back and redo it. molly simply throws the silverware in the drawer. matt and i keep talking about buying a step stool so she can see where everything goes but we've yet to do it. she also helps pick up her toys at night and whenever i need to vacuum, puts clothes in the washer and dryer, puts socks and underwear away, and her wash cloths. she does great taking her dirty clothes from the bathroom after her bath and putting them in her clothes basket also. i think helping with housework at such a young age will help in the years to come - at least i hope! :)

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