Thursday, October 29, 2009

pumpkin carving with the drakes

molly was so excited to carve her pumpkin....
she even helped draw the lid!
and then she saw the inside and ran away.
she did get brave enough to pick off a seed. we tried telling her they were pumpkin nuts but it didn't work!
so, i did it for her. molly likes her carved pumpkin a lot now!matt worked hard making his bat. he went easy this year as we new we weren't going to have much time with molly running around.
i made a cute little friendly ghost.molly helped matt pick out seeds. by this time she was much braver. i'm thinking she just didn't want to stick her hand in the pumpkin.

she helped get the seeds ready to bake and enjoyed eating them after they were done as well!
the final products all lit up!

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