Saturday, October 31, 2009


molly thoroughly enjoyed halloween this year! we checked out books at the library about barney trick-or-treating and had lots of festivities at the library and another fun party plus a few crafts at home with mom and then to top it all off, the real thing - trick-or-treating! we didn't go door to door so much but went to the square and ended up with lots of candy. molly didn't want to wait in line so she weaved her way through the crowd to get to the candy. it was really quite cute how she figured this out. she was very polite by signing thank you but a bit delayed and usually did it as she was turning around or walking away. oh, well. she got that she was supposed to say thank you! grandma and anna came to watch her trick-or-treat and she really enjoyed that as well! molly was quite the little helper passing out candy too. unless that is if the kid had a mask on or lots of face paint! they were a bit scary! i had to help towards the end because she was being a bit too generous with some kids and we were sure to run out before the night was over.

that's a wrap on halloween. on to thanksgiving! i can't wait to make turkeys with molly!

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