Tuesday, October 27, 2009

library halloween fun and a super easy craft

today was halloween at the library and so the kids got to wear their costumes. molly was excited to wear hers only because she thought she might get some candy (i was hoping this was true too as i told her she'd get some!). the start was much the same - songs and a story. then, they got to make a craft. it was the cutest little pumpkin ever and so easy! here's what you need: 1 roll of toilet paper, one piece orange tissue paper, felt cut in to the shape of a leaf, eyes, nose, and mouth, lime green pipe cleaner, darker green pipe cleaner, tape, brown lunch sack.

first, wrap the tissue paper around the pumpkin and stuff it in the hole.

next, roll up the paper sack and stick it in the hole for the stem.

then, tape the leaf on to one pipe cleaner and twist the other around your finger. stick them in the hole.
finally, add the eyes, nose and mouth!
after the craft, the kids went trick-or-treating! molly loved this because she's been practicing saying "treat". she wasn't shy about going up to the library or city hall staff and asking for her treat!
then they all got to enjoy some cupcakes and spiders made with cracker, pretzels and raisins. molly had a lot of fun and now wants to go back and do it again. i can't wait for saturday night!

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  1. Shes so cute! thats why she loves her "na na"
    now i can comment on ur blog since i have one for school!
    -Anna :)